ExxonMobil Return & Earn! 

Liberty Return & Earn Loyalty ProgramExxonMobil has launched the NEW Return and Earn Loyalty Program!  Learn how you can now turn your convenience store purchases into discounts on gas.

The return and earn program allows you to save on fuel for all your eligible purchases at participating Exxon and Mobil stations. Each participating Exxon and Mobil station or groups of stations can run different return and earn programs with varying offers.

Your unique Liberty! Return and Earn Card is linked to this Liberty program and only this program.


What is Return and Earn?

Every time you shop inside one of our Liberty Exxon or Mobil Liberty! stores and purchase qualified products, you save outside at the pumps. You can now turn your convenience store purchases into discounts on gas.

Your savings can be seen right at the pump when the price per gallon of gasoline “rolls back” based on the discounts earned. Discounts are earned when you purchase certain kinds of food, snacks, beverages or other items inside the store.


How do I get started?

Stop in at your local Liberty Petroleum Distributors Exxon or Mobil location to pick up your FREE Liberty! Return and Earn Card and start earning fuel discounts right away. Find a Liberty! location near you

When you're ready to redeem, using the savings you have earned is as easy as swiping your card at the pump and watching the price of fuel "roll back."


Steps to Redeem Return & Earn Savings at the Pump

Just follow these simple steps to get started saving!

So what are you waiting for?
- JOIN Liberty Return & Earn and turn your convenience store purchases into discounts on gas.

redeem at the pump

1. Insert your return and earn card.
2. Your discount will be displayed.
3. Complete the rest of your transaction by paying as usual.
4. Enjoy the savings you've earned.

Start earning instantly when you shop at our convenience store. Just swipe your Liberty! Return and Earn Card in the store at the time of purchase and we'll add your savings to the card.

Plus, you can take advantage of special offers in the store that will help you get rewarded faster so you can start saving on fuel.


Check your Liberty! Return and Earn Balance